Watchlist with filters and profile image. (2013-10-23)
The watchlist can now be filtered by movie genre, besides all the other filters already there. This means it's now possible to check for instance which horror movies are in your watchlist (or another user's), and combine them with year (or other search criteria). Also,...[+]

Hardware problems (2013-07-05)
A nasty bug has caused some problems in the past few days, but our highly skilled team of engineers assures us that the critter has been squashed. Unfortunately the database also experienced trouble, and some movies and or rates for the past few days have been erased......[+]

Slowness as of late... (2013-06-18)
Dear users This amazing site has been slow on the past few days due to a hardware problem that I am told will be solved in 48 hours. You all know in your hearts that this is the most awesome site in the web, so please bear with me. ;) Cheers, Pipanni

Quiz - new feature! (2013-02-07)
A movie quiz game is now available on CROSSTASTEmovies. You just have to choose a difficulty level and off you go. The game has a time limit on each question to spice things up (and stop players from seeking external help) and a high-score board that will get harder to...[+]

New design (2012-12-14)
A new design for this site has been introduced today. Besides looking very slick, it's also faster and better optimized for the web. You probably have to press CTRL-F5 to fully refresh the site. If you have any problems or detect any bugs (after pressing CTRL-F5!) please...[+]

Site down (2012-11-22)
Dear users, this awesome website was down yesterday for technical reasons. A big nasty troll has been dispatched to deal with those responsible for the down time. Rest assured they will be dealt with swiftly. ;)