A video presenting CROSSTASTEmovies and featuring a very short basic tutorial is available here.

CROSSTASTEmovies profile
CROSSTASTEmovies works by comparing your movie rates with other users. So the more movies you and others rate the more you'll know about your own taste.

You can also view any user's profile to find out how your movie rates compare.

CROSSTASTEmovies login/register
First of all you have to login or register at this site. This process is easy and fast, but please bear in mind that your username must be short, due to design reasons.

After your registration you will receive an email that you have to confirm, so that you can properly access CROSSTASTEmovies.

CROSSTASTEmovies profile icon
When you finish your registration process and login on CROSSTASTEmovies you will notice a new item on the menu: 'PROFILE'.

This is where all the information about yourself can be consulted by you or any other users.

Not much to see if you have not rated any movies yet, so on to the next step...

CROSSTASTEmovies rate movies page
You should then rate at least 10 movies (on the menu: choose 'MOVIES' and then 'Rate Movies' on the menu), so that the database stores a small sample of your movie taste.

Since CROSSTASTEmovies works by comparing your rates to others, this is a vital step towards building your own personal movie taste.

CROSSTASTEmovies rate movies page
When you have rated enough movies (10 at least, the more the better) CROSSTASTEmovies will find users whose movies rates are similar with yours, thus finding users with common movie taste.

Don't worry if you have less than 5 compatible users. If you rate enough movies you will soon have them. Choose 'PROFILE' and then 'Most Compatible Users' to see this screen.

Every time you visit your own profile CROSSTASTEmovies will try to update your list of compatible users.

CROSSTASTEmovies recommended movies
Another important part of CROSSTASTEmovies is the recommended movies page (on the menu: choose 'PROFILE' and then 'Recommended movies').

Here you can find movie recommendations from all your compatible users. The items listed are movies you haven't rated yet.

If a compatible user doesn't have movie recommendations for you, you can send him/her a notification, asking the user to rate more movies.

CROSSTASTEmovies rate movies page
Speaking of notifications, you can find them by clicking the icon next to your username.

If new or unread notifications appear you'll see a red symbol over the user icon.

CROSSTASTEmovies home page
All you have to do now is use the site often. Rate and review movies as you see fit, and soon you will have built a reliable model of your movie taste.

Users who agree with you the most will be automatically added to your profile, but you can also make this happen manually, if you happen to find someone whose movie taste ranks higher than the users already on your profile.